A+K unveils Concierge Services Room Booking System

Posted 11/09/2013

Concierge Services is compatible with mobile and tablet devices, including Android and iOS.

Anders+Kern has partnered with Fischer & Kerrn A/S of Denmark to offer Concierge Services exclusively in the United Kingdom.

The feature-rich Concierge Services software is made up of six service unities or modules: Resources, Catering, Display, Reception, BookingCenter and Export. These modules can be used as a standalone product or as part of the Concierge Services solution.

The Concierge Services booking system makes it easy to book resources and services such as meeting rooms, hot desk and work space, car parking, audio visual equipment, and catering through the meeting request in Microsoft Outlook.

Users of the room booking system can display information about the daily meetings on one or several monitors in the reception area or outside the meeting room itself with Concierge Display. The meeting room display software supports all types of screens and tablets, including iPad and iPad Mini, Windows or Android tablets, touchscreens and screens without touch.

The Concierge system does not require any SQL database, Internet Information Server or any installation on Microsoft Exchange.

The addition of Concierge Services increases A+K's range of room booking and room management systems, which include Evoko Room Manager and RoomWizard .

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by Anders + Kern

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