Evoko Liso Firmware update 1.34

Posted 13/12/2017

The latest firmware update for Evoko Liso is now available on A+Ks room booking site...

To download the latest version of the firmware please visit the Evoko Liso page on our room booking website.
The download can be found on the 'Documents & Downloads' tab.

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk


Release Notes v1.34

In this release, we have focused on making the synchronization and check-in process for Exchange/Office365 environments more reliable and robust. We have also made a series of fixes and added some new functionality.
  • NEW FEATURE! Added Virtual Network Computing (VNC) to access the Evoko Liso devices remotely. Activated through Monitoring section of Evoko Home.
  • Device side image validation have been improved to reduce issue of image corruption for future remote upgrades.
  • Improved the synchronization process by adding the ability to set polling intervals in Evoko Home > Global Settings.
  • Improved the stability and reliability of the check-in feature. If any part of the check-in chain fails the meeting will be preserved.
  • Fixed an issue where the organizers name gets switched to the room name when booking an instant meeting.
  • Fixed an issue where double booking could happen.
  • Moved Network Settings from Global Settings to Local Settings to support multi-site environments.
  • We have made general improvements in security, stability and as always, performance improvements.
  • For customers with large enterprise Domino environments there is a new template available improving performance and addressing http thread saturation on the Domino server.

Installation notes! v1.34

  • After upgrading Evoko Home server to 1.34 we recommend upgrading all devices to 1.34 as backwards compatibility to 1.33 will not work with check-in, and version 1.32 and older will not sync at all.
  • Due to the way version 1.33 and older versions of Evoko Liso software validates the checksum of remote upgrade images there is a fairly big risk that checksum check will happen immediately after transfer has completed, but before all data have been written to file. The result is that the image gets rejected and it can take several tries to get the remote upgrade to work. Suggested workaround is to retry the remote upgrade until it succeeds. We have refactored this function now and this should be greatly improved when upgrading from 1.34 to later version in the future.
  • We recommend making sure that  all interfaces from Evoko Home server, switch and Evoko Liso device has matching network settings and that we recommending 100mbit/full duplex .

Known issues in v1.34

  • If you have a mixed Exchange environment you may not be able to pass wizard. Workaround is to install 1.31 to complete installation wizard and then upgrade to 1.34. If we find a solution to this we will post the link to a custom version here.
  • Before device goes fully to sleep the LED:s may stay on for a while even when the display is black
  • If devices are on older version than 1.34 they may show as "offline" in Monitoring even if they are connected.

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