Evoko Liso Firmware update v1.29

Posted 10th Apr

The latest firmware update for Evoko Liso is now available on A+Ks room booking site...

To download the latest version of the firmware please visit the Evoko Liso page on our room booking website.
The download can be found on the 'Documents & Downloads' tab.

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk

Installation notes! v1.29

  • - It is now required for the devices to be configured with minimum 4 hours sleep. 
  • - Device will now wake up 5 minutes before set time and reboot to reset the system each morning.
  • - Windows download now includes both Evoko Home Panel application and Evoko Home.
  • - Devices running v1.21 and are configured with Wi-Fi will need their settings reconfigured.


Release Notes v1.29

  •  - Each Liso unit now has a unique host name.
  •  - Fix for issue introduced in 1.28 on Evoko Liso that occured on each change of settings in Evoko Home.
  •  - It is now possible to import users from secondary domains on Google.
  •  - Liso can now connect to networks that have spaces in their SSID.
  •  - Liso can now connect to networks that have more than one security protocol.
  •  - Liso will not freeze when waiting for a response from the server.
  •  - Resolved issue where Liso does not go to sleep, or immediately comes back from sleep.
  •  - Reboot of Liso now occurs right after wake-up, to prevent devices from crashing in the middle of sleep & wake cycle.
  •  - WiFi is disabled when leaving WiFi Configuration page if it is not configured to prevent WiFi related issues.
  •  - Added improvements on Liso software to avoid LCD crystal to build up charge on static white areas.
  •  - If meeting settings are disabled, the button for it will no longer be displayed on the Liso.
  •  - The application process on Liso have been restricted for increased security.
  •  - A dialogue is now displayed when a user wants to remove a meeting from a Liso.
  •  - The month text in Room Finder on Liso view is now white, for increased visibility.
  •  - A back button is now always displayed and used when returning to clock screen on Liso.
  •  - Weekday and month abbreviations are now correctly translated on all languages.
  •  - Disabled Avahai daemon on Liso because of network issues.
  •  - IPv6 is now disabled on Liso to avoid network connection issues.
  •  - Improvements on remote upgrade by adding a check for firmware existence for false positive success of firmware transfer during upgrade.
  •  - When using Domino booking system, the subject now is displayed correctly for special characters.
  •  - Improved the upgrade process by adding a clean up process which removed old versions to avoid running out of disk space.

Known issues in v1.29

  •   - There is still a small chance that Liso devices will go offline or show outdated information if it has problems connecting to network (Evoko Home and/or NTP server). If there are problems during wake up or boot process the screen can remain black and require a reboot.
  •   - MAC address of device network interface will be persistent on Evoko Home if device is switched from e.g. wireless to wired network.
  •   - Evoko Home application does not start automatically on Linux after fresh install.
  •   - Room deactivation or removal also removes all events related to that room.
  •   - If device is configured on Wi-Fi, device will not reopen Evoko application after a reboot if Wi-Fi is missing.
  •   - Meeting subject that includes a colon ':' will be cut off at the colon ':'.
  •   - Settings and meetings for room and device gets deleted when switching between organisation and hierarchy.
  •   - Not possible to change e-mail reminder settings once set.
  •   - Time zone for Moscow is one hour incorrect.
  •   - Exchange users without impersonation rights are able to pass the setup wizard but not activating rooms.
  •   - Internet Explorer 11 is not fully supported when editing configurations.
  •   - In serverless mode (Desktop mode) can't book other rooms in "room finder" view.
  •   - When two or more room lists are used to import rooms, one after another, each previous room list meetings are duplicated
  •   - Cities are not displayed on the advanced search view in Liso limited mode
  •   - Advanced search listing of limited amount of rooms sometimes gets overridden by the server response, causing a long spinner wait period
  •   - On WiFi configuration page the application keyboard sometimes causes the Liso to freeze, reboot is needed to proceed
  •    - Evoko Home logs for Liso and Home sometimes takes several minutes to load


  •   - If one or more Liso devices should not wake up after a sleep, the power cable needs to be detached and attached again to force the device to restart.
  •   - For customers where remote upgrade from server is not an option, you can now upgrade firmware without factory reset by downloading the “Latest Evoko Liso Firmware Update Download” and copy to any USB stick and use the “Upgrade via USB” option (please note it will take a minute for validation to complete before so Please Wait! after pressing the button
  •   - If you are upgrading from version 1.18 or older, please make sure that Evoko Home has the new time and date setting configured that was introduced before upgrading the devices to get correct display date format!
  •   - Customers that have devices with version v1.18 may have an issue in remote upgrade their devices if some settings have changed. In most cases remote upgrade should not be a problem.
  •   - On Exchange control panel (ecp) autodiscover and EWS virtual directory have to have the same authentication method enabled.

Windows users:

  •   - Please make sure NodeJS 10.45x86 (32 bit version) is installed before upgrading.

Exchange users:  

  •   - By default, Exchange servers are set to have the room resource remove the privacy flag. In Exchange 2010 and earlier, this setting is a simple checkbox on the room properties dialog box. Make sure the box is NOT checked so that the private flag is not removed. For Exchange 2013 and Office 365 this setting can be changed using PowerShell: 'Set-CalendarProcessing "yourmeetingroom" -RemovePrivateProperty $false'

Google G suite users:

  •   - P12key must be named google-credentials.p12.

Demo mode:

  •   - For Demo mode the time and date picker is not fully implemented. Without internet access the date and time will be set to the last date/time Liso recorded when it was last operational. If you run demo mode with internet access, it will have it's date/time set via NTP.

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