Evoko Liso Firmware update v1.32

Posted 15th Aug

The latest firmware update for Evoko Liso is now available on A+Ks room booking site...

To download the latest version of the firmware please visit the Evoko Liso page on our room booking website.
The download can be found on the 'Documents & Downloads' tab.

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk


Installation Notes v1.32 

In the 1.32 release of Evoko Home/Liso we have added several new features to improve the everyday-interaction with your Liso devices and the management of your meeting rooms. We have also made general improvements in stability, security and, as always, made some performance improvements. Below are the highlights of the 1.32 Evoko Home/Liso release. ENJOY!

  • NEW FEATURE! It is now possible to set a Facility Manager e-mail address in Evoko Home > Settings area. When reporting broken equipment on the Liso device, an email will automatically be sent to the Facility Manager.
  • NEW FEATURE! To more accurately analyze meeting room utilization, we have added the field “Working Hours” in Evoko Home > Settings area. 
  • NEW FEATURE! The process for changing the security certificate in Evoko Home is considerably improved and more user friendly. 
  • NEW FEATURE! We have introduced Proxy configuration in the installation wizard and in the Global Settings for (Office 365).
  • The way Evoko Liso fetch date and time is significantly improved. We have added the ability to use either an NTP-server or Evoko Home server as the time server in Evoko Home > Global Settings.
  • To improve organization of multi-sites and rooms we have set the hierarchy mode as default.
  • For improved security, the release download page ( now supports HTTPS.
  • We have made general improvements in security and stability and, as always, made performance improvements.
  • FOR TECHIES: Added buttons in the Diagnostic menu on the Evoko Liso device to test several connections, such as ping to Google, Evoko Home and the NTP server.

Release v1.32 contain some Domino changes that required modification of Domino template.

Please update Domino template to latest version before installing v1.32 Evoko Home or upgrading Liso in limited mode.

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