Important! Evoko Home 2.0 and above does not support Exchange 2010 SP1 or Exchange 2010 SP2 since they have reached their respective support end dates.

Evoko Home will support Exchange 2010 SP3 until its Extended Support End Date, which is October 13, 2020. The next version released after this date will not support any version of Microsoft Exchange 2010.  Read more.

Important! Evoko Home v2.4 requires MongoDB 3.4. If you are using MongoDB 3.2 or are unsure, please see this guide or  contact our support team and we will help.

Patch Release v2.4.1 

Release (2020-07-16)

  • Fixed - Evoko Home: User could not upgrade to v2.4 if previous version of Database name was shorter than 6 characters.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: EvokoHome.msi is not digitally signed, nor FIPS Compliant
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Windows installer failing when FIPS is enabled.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Windows installer fails when .NET is installed without reboot.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Ubuntu installer hands on PM2 upgrade (under some conditions)
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Ubuntu installer error -o: integer expression expected
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Room setting user interface allowing impossible combination of checkboxes.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Disable "Allow User to Modify" option in booking settings if "Require Authentication" is disabled
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Updated timezone/localization library.
  • Fixed - Evoko Booking: Subject removed when changing meeting length
  • Fixed - Evoko Booking: Editing a booking will delete the meeting subject
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso:  Security Fix 
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso:  Room Finder scrolling issue
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso:  Device log line cuts off if extremely long
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso:  PIN code incorrectly asked for/not asked for when ending a meeting
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso:  Only accepts 4 digits as PORT, should allow up to 5 digits
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso: New devices added to existing hierarchy - does not get all settings properly.
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso: Pairing key issue - device allowed to connect unexpectedly.
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso: Device restarts unexpectedly during the connection to EH.
  • Fixed - Evoko Liso: Unexpected device disconnection due NoAuthorizedResourceAccess

Release (2020-06-12)

  • The Evoko Home single installer now requires administrators to input both a username and password for MongoDB that consists of at least 6 characters during configuration.  It is important to make note of the DB Username/Password during configuration if any data needs to be recovered from the database directly.
  • New Components Updated: MongoDB 3.4.24, NodesJS 8.17.0, PM2 4.2.3
  • New - Evoko Home: Added field for Organization in the user profile.
  • New - Evoko Home: New Installer for Windows (integrated setup.exe) using Wix-Installer.
  • Improved - Evoko Home: Evoko Home setup wizard now supports outside localhost for file uploads.
  • Improved - Evoko Home: Log Level has been set to debug for wizard which will help with troubleshooting. 
  • Improved - Evoko Home: MongoDB Password is now hidden when installing on Windows.  There is also no predefined Mongo DB/User password on fresh install.  Requirement of at least 6 characters for DB/User/Password.
  • Improved - Evoko Home: Implemented option to install without local MongoDB (Windows).
  • Improved - Evoko Home: Simplified Timezone List in Evoko Home.
  • Improved - Evoko Home: oAuth re-authentication logic has been improved.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Resolved issue for NTLM/Basic Authentication through a Microsoft Exchange (reverse) proxy.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Room names cut off - in logs for impersonation error.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: SNMP on Windows blocking PM2 core (resulting in scheduled tasks freeze).
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Issues related with Ubuntu installer with certain setup scenarios.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Offline notification email is not sent in some conditions.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Right-to-Left language did not work in Room Alias.
  • Fixed - Evoko Home: Fixed function name in import-ldap-users.panel.js
  • Improved - Evoko Booking: New SMTP client for Evoko Booking implemented.
  • New - Evoko Liso: Support for hidden SSID when using WiFi.
  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Network Speed/Duplex Removed.  Note that if customer has the switch port fixed to half-duplex you will need to change that to auto/auto or (1Gbit/full), otherwise they might have network issues with Lisos running firmware older than v2.4 firmware.