31st August 2020

New software release: PADS4 2020.4

Camera & sensor integration in PADS4 CTRL Center

New in PADS4 CTRL Center is our Sensor platform! All your sensor connections are now managed from one central place. Connect cameras and sensors (functional with Hikvision, Milestone XProtect Video Management Software & Quividi) to a specific area and apply rules, and all incidents are reported directly. The dashboard even allows you to keep track of all incidents that happened, giving a clear overview. 

Instagram Dataprovider fix

We have fixed an Instagram API change issue with PADS4 Dataproviders & Datavaults. Please update to the latest version (2020.4) on your server & clients to create and setup a fully functional Instagram feed for your customers.

Light & dark theme options in PADS4 CTRL Center

You can now choose between a new light & dark theme from the user options menu in PADS4 CTRL Center.

Sensor dataprovider

SensorsUse the Sensor output inside PADS4 presentations. The data is stored into a configurable database (SQL Server, SQLite, MongoDB, ProgreSQL) and can be used for generation of reports. There are settings available to be fully GPRS compliant. You can add realtime events & information caught from the camera in your PADS4 presentations. 

Bug fixes & enhancements

Also part of this release are multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements. These can be expected moving forward as well, since integrations in this release are only the beginning of more integrations. When opening the PADS4 CTRL Center, you can expect a new and improved look and feel of the PADS4 dashboard.

Read the release notes for more information


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