1st December 2020

Space Connect proudly announces XY Sense as a new hardware integration partner

Space Connect announces XY Sense as a new hardware integration partner and now offer out-of-the-box integration with their smart sensor platform. 

XY Sense is a global leader in advanced workplace sensor technology and their AI sensor platform is the smartest, and most efficient, way to navigate a COVID-safe return to the office. 

Space Connect Integration

  • Captures office occupancy data and updates Space Connect in real-time
  • End desk and room bookings as a result of a 'no show'
  • View and book available desks and meeting rooms in real-time
  • Incorporate COVID-19 safety reporting into Space Connect's analytical insights
  • Avoid COVID contamination by taking 'used' spaces offline from booking apps, for cleaning

COVID-Safe Office Management

  • Ability to automatically take any desks, adjacent to those being used, offline
  • Ensure COVID-safe capacity limits across floors and rooms
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of social distancing, with option of notifications for breaches

Powerful Reporting

  • Precise usage data, indicating all areas that have had traffic in a given day, optimising cleaning costs (e.g. only clean and sanitise the desks that have been used)
  • Real-time analytical data; compare bookings with actual utilisation and analyse occupancy + usage trends
  • Make informed decisions regarding cost-effective workplace strategies and space redesign

Anonymous and Secure

  • 100% anonymous data capture
  • Only captures XY coordinates to protect privacy
  • No images of your workplace ever leave the sensor

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