1st March 2021

New software release: PADS4 2021.1

NDS have released PADS4 Foundation & Clients build version 2021.1.

Before updating, we would like to point out a few new features & important details to note before updating;

What's new in PADS4 2021.1

Mixed Media Elements;

Combine videos and images inside a single element & playlist. Multimedia presentations can now be easily configured in the same roster & page without overlapping elements.

PADS4 Workspace & Wayfinding;

New Smart Digital Building solution. Increase the efficiency of your employees and visitors within your office environment. Efficiently guide your employees and visitors among multiple complex buildings using different displays.

LinkedIn data provider;

Showcase social media content & posts from your business onto different displays. Keep your employees up to date on current developments and achievements directly from your company’s feed. 

Sightcrop Camera Analytics Integration;

New integration with deep-learning AI that features different anonymous audience measurements mechanisms, such as facial recognition & mask detection. Connect any camera to Sightcorp and PADS4 will do the rest for you.

Single sign on & LDAPS;

Make use of Single sign-on in PADS4 web portal. Log in once with your user credentials and access all your PADS4 services without having to re-enter authentication factors.Works with both AD and Azure AD. PADS4 now also support LDAPS, for a more secure connection.

Bug fixes & enhancements;

Also part of this release are multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements. Please carefully read the full release notes, as they are full of important information in regards to new features, bug indexes, and overall development & improvement of the PADS4 software. 

Important when updating;

It is of vital importance that you only install the PADS4 Foundation & 2021.1 on the server machine of the installation. The PADS4 Clients setup is made for a workstation/Viewer PC, that is configured for Designer/Scheduler/Content Organizer/Messenger etc. Not updating/installing the correct setup package will corrupt the functionality of your workstation/Viewer PC, as this would result in setting up the configuration as a Server PC. It is however possible to install the PADS4 Clients software after installing the PADS4 Foundation installation as the machine is then already classified as a Server PC.

Updating a Viewer PC:

When updating a Viewer PC, you should install the PADS4 Clients Software setup.

Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA):

Please check and verify that you have a valid SMA before updating to the latest PADS4 version. This is to prevent that your PADS4 installation will cease to function. The expiration date can be verified on the 'License' tab within PADS4 System Management.

Instruction manuals for installing / updating:

Carefully read the instructions situated here before updating / installing your new PADS4 Foundation & Clients software setup. You can always refer to the PADS4 Partner Portal and click on the 'Getting Started' icon.

Read the release notes for more information

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