Posted 27/02/2017

  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Sector: Education

Omnimundo is a Belgian primary “school for all children from around the world”, with children in attendance from over 20 countries.

The Challenge

The school’s diverse student population (where children have a wide variety of first languages) were searching for an interactive product that would engage and challenge pupils on both an individual and group basis. 

The Solution

The school invested in the i3LEARNHUB, the digital learning environment that allows teachers to create tailored lessons, allowing the students to work and learn at the pace most appropriate to their needs. The i3LEARNHUB has had a real positive impact on teaching at Omnimundo. There is reported increased interaction between the pupils with more active lessons taking place. Pupils are more focused during lessons and the intuitive interface allows for pupils to easily adapt to the software. 

“Their learning results improve and their learning gains are major. Our pupils are engaged from the very beginning!”

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by Anders + Kern

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