Major Updates to A+K PADS4 Digital Signage

Posted 11/10/2013

PADS4 Release 3 includes PADS4 Desktop Viewer, an Enhanced Rich Text element, and the Integration of Intel AIM (Audience Impression Metric)

PADS4 Release 3 includes two new applications designed to communicate with an entire organisation through desktops, laptops and tablet devices: PADS4 Desktop Viewer and PADS4 Messenger . The combination of the two applications offers an effective corporate messenger solution.

With PADS4 Desktop Viewer, electronic newsletters, real-time news feeds from the Internet or personal instructions can be scheduled to run through PADS presentations as a message for Desktop Viewers. These messages can be received and played back through a PC, laptop or tablet: on request or automatically as screen saver. Important messages can also be forced to appear instantly on the screen.

The scheduling of these messages is managed by PADS4 Messenger, which offers maximum control over any digital communication. With PADS4 Messenger, users have the ability to update, schedule and remove messages and specify how long the content should stay on the screen.

A major feature is the integration of Intel AIM (Audience Impression Metric) audience recognition. The Intel AIM data provider enables retailers to connect to a camera device in order to collect audience recognition information and play audience-specific content. 

Release 3 also includes the introduction of an enhanced Rich Text element to PADS4 Designer . This feature-rich element comes with an advanced and dynamic Rich Text editor, and allows users to edit content in any desired format, or add rule-based content.

Derek Kuziw, Managing Director of Anders+Kern, says: “PADS4 Release 3 marks an important development in the PADS4 road map. The introduction of PADS4 Desktop Viewer and PADS Messenger to the PADS4 network offers businesses a powerful tool for public and internal communication.”

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by Anders + Kern

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