PADS4 Release - September 2016

Posted 15/09/2016

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New Release PADS4 - 12.09.2016

As of now the new version of PADS4 is available. We have added exciting new features to our digital signage software, also made small adjustments and resolved bugs that were reported. Please update your PADS4 software using the PADS4 Software Update Wizard to get the latest PADS4 features.
We have two main features we would like to highlight:
  • Audit Trail logging
  • PADS4 Viewer Connection Data Provider

New: Using Audit Trail logging with PADS4 Agent

We have added a brand new feature called Audit Trail logging. This feature will track user activity in your network and will log those actions on your PADS4 Server. Think of logon/logoff, adding schedules and editing presentations. Using PADS4 Agent this information can be investigated or exported. Audit Trail logging gives you more control and monitor possibilities, showing exactly what's going on and what has been done by whom.

Monitor who did what, where and when

Especially in larger digital signage networks, it's more than likely that multiple users will contribute, edit and schedule certain content to the displays within an organization. Obviously, when faulty or confidential information is displayed or crucial content has been deleted you need to know what happened. With the new Audit Trail logging this feature is now available in PADS4.

Why PADS4 Agent?

In mission critical environments with multiple displays PADS4 Agent is an indispensable monitor asset to your digital signage solution.

New: PADS4 Viewer Connection Data Provider

With the new release we introduce the PADS4 Viewer Connection Data Provider. It displays the status of all your Viewers in your PADS4 network. Create a presentation with a map of your building that includes for instance green and red location icons, based on the connection state. You will see at a glance the connection status of all your displays. If one of the Viewers loses the connection with the PADS4 Server the icon turns from green to red. Now you know exactly where to fix the connection issue.

Here's an example how to display your PADS4 Viewer connection status. 

Now make it smart

Use the PADS4 Viewer Connection Data Provider with rules or with PADS4 Agent to create even smarter solutions.

No connection, still a presentation

Even without a connection, presentations can still be viewed for up to 7 days. That also means that a disconnected Viewer can trigger a presentation of choice. Something less real-time driven (e.g. a corporate presentation) or a -subtle- default message, to inform maintenance that the screen is not connected any more. 

Create a back-up screen for crucial information

In mission critical environments such as an airport, manufacturing plant or call center, crucial information needs to be shown, even when the connection is lost. Why not create a rule 'IF down THEN show on second screen'? A smart way to make sure your audience will not miss any important updates. 

Combine with PADS4 Agent to act even faster and more efficient

If you have PADS4 Agent, alerts can automatically send an email alarm notification when a Viewer is offline. Using the PADS4 Viewer Connection Data Provider in a dashboard template gives you an immediate visual overview of the position of the Viewer in your building with current status 'red'. Combining PADS4 Agent and the new data provider offer you a strong feature to act even faster and more efficient. 

Check full version

Check the release notes for the full version of all new features. 

Visit our dedicated DIGITAL SIGNAGE WEBSITE to find out more about PADS4 and request a demo.

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