Cloud based Digital Signage PLAYipp comes to the UK

Posted 04/08/2017

Did you know that we have added to our digital offering with the exclusive launch of the digital signage product PLAYipp?

PLAYipp offer a cloud based publishing platform in the form of PLAYport HD, PLAYbox and mobile view. All of these put users in full control of easily editable templates in the cloud based PLAYipp Manager in order to publish text, images and video for displays
in their corporate and public spaces. With the ability to connect to any type of screen, users can schedule and tailor their information to suit bespoke requirements. 

PLAYport HD is a small, powerful media player (8GB) which manages video in full HD and can implement designs with up to 12 different screen areas, whilst PLAYbox (16GB) supports environments where requirements are higher, such as advanced touch solutions or video walls. The PLAYbox also comes together with a PLAYipp Remote which can act as a presentation tool, allowing users to toggle through different views and messages in just a few clicks.

PLAYipp Mobile View offers a complimentary solution to other communication sources, such as intranets, allowing users to reach out regardless where their recipients are and meaning that they will all receive the information in the same, uniformed moment. Mobile view also incorporates advantageous features within PLAYipp Manager, such as administrators having the ability to send out ‘read receipt’ requests which then gives an indication on how many staff members the message has successfully reached. The company also offers internal media players which can be configured directly onto Samsung and Philips screens.

Penned as the ultimate information solution, Swedish developers PLAYipp AB have been in the business for 10 years. Working at a global level, the developers have received praise from both local and international organisations. This has included implementation at one of the world’s leading medical universities, the Karolinska Institute, based in Stockholm, and the well-known retailer Intersport. 

This solution is particularly effective in raising engagement and the simplicity of the templates allows companies to easily design displays according to their company profile and branding. Notably, users are also allocated a free amount of accounts for the cloud-based Manager where you publish and manage the messages, meaning that there are no limitations on users. All customers of the product are also entitled to free support from PLAYipp. 

Commending the device, Barrie Meehan, A+K Technical Director comments: 

“This solution is built to drive messages in a simple way that gives you a professional result really quickly and efficiently. It’s hassle-free with no need for a complex installation or server needed. It comes to you pre-installed and 100% ready to use. The templates are intuitive, functional but also powerful”.

PLAYipp’s offering is set to compliment A+K’s existing digital signage portfolio which includes the already hugely successful PADS product from NDS. 

The solutions from PLAYipp are available to purchase now from A+K.

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by Anders + Kern

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