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Posted 26/07/2017

The Evoko Minto, which has just been voted the best audio conferencing product at InfoComm 2017 by the AV industry renowned rAVe Publications, is now available at a lower price to A+K customers.

The conference phone has established itself as one of the most innovative designs on the market. It looks beautiful but it’s practical too. 

It’s advantages over competitive products include:

  • the ability to operate smoothly with mobile phone, tablet or laptop and can be connected through Bluetooth or cable
  • a coloured halo light means you instantly know what’s going on 
  • patented sound-improvement software with state of the art echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • the capacity to easily cover rooms for 20 people, capturing sound within a range of 10m (32 ft)
  • you can speak freely with your assembled group, using a simple air swipe to mute
  • the ability to use it anywhere in any room you want instantly, Minto is battery powered with 8 hours of active talk time
  • it also frees up precious space by being stored and charged on a wall mount 

As well as the Minto now being a lower price, we are also pleased to be able to offer an exclusive bundle to our customers, where you can buy a Minto and purchase an Evoko Groupie half price*. This product duo complement each other perfectly.

The award winning Groupie is a wide angle illumination lens that you can attach to any device.

The product:

  • includes a Micro suction mount pad which makes it easy to attach it over the existing camera on computers, tablets and smartphones
  • widens the field of view to be able to see everyone
  • has ambient light sensor that adjusts the light automatically
  • comes with a smart travel case which protects your Groupie and makes it easy to bring it with you wherever you are going
  • is easily charged via USB

To find out more and get up to date prices or information on the bundle, you can call 01638 510900 or email 

*Please note that the half price discount on the Groupie is only valid when purchased and sold as a bundle with the Minto. 

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