Beat the dreaded meeting room clash!

Posted 02/03/2017

If you have ever worked somewhere with multiple meeting rooms, then you know how frustrating it can be when you’ve booked a room and somebody else occupies it at the last minute. You’re left with the dilemma of disturbing the meeting or having to walk the office corridors trying to find an alternative space, not to mention the potential embarrassment if you are with an external client or visitor.

You may have a dedicated administrator who spends an increasing amount of time booking and solving room disputes or you might just use a traditional method such as an online calendar or paper diary. 

Have you ever considered a Room Booking solution?

They can save:

  • The back and forth of endless emails to book the room in the first place
  • Spaces being booked and then being left unoccupied 
  • Double bookings being made = no wasted time

They also often have added analysis tools that will benefit your organisation in improving efficiency and work towards better use of office space, such as:

  • Discovering which rooms are used the most often, or not at all
  • Finding out how many meetings are planned or take place on an ad-hoc basis, or if they frequently run over 
  • Faulty equipment can also be easily reported there and then in the moment

    Our partners Evoko have recently released an overview video of the beautiful and sleek room booking manager the Evoko Liso. Watch below.


The Liso is just one of the Room Booking solutions that we offer here at A+K. We have a dedicated Room Booking Product Manager who can help you get to grips with what system will suit your office requirements. 

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01638 510900 if you would like advice or to organise a demonstration. 

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by Anders + Kern

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