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Posted 17th Aug

The increased mobility offered by wireless AV both enables and facilitates the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, which more and more businesses are adopting. This applies to both visitors and employees.

For the widespread adoption of any technology it is important that it is an intuitive to use and seamless experience for the user as possible.

Technology should not get in the way of a meeting and team collaboration, but instead it should facilitate the sharing of ideas. Wireless collaboration improves productivity and saves time. Meetings spaces that are designed with wireless collaboration in mind enable each participant to easily present and share any content, at any time, from any device. Making the meeting more accessible for all participants encourages interaction, enhances discussions and ultimately drives innovation.

Wireless screen sharing devices such as the I3SYNC fit the requirements for simplicity and ease of use. These are plug and play to seamlessly start sharing a presentation. I3SYNC also allow up to 256 transmitters to be connected to one receiver at any one time.

Some wireless screen sharing devices require connection via USB, but corporate security policies can often put a block on USB ports. This has increasingly become the case in the dawn of GDPR. For this reason, HDMI ports are often the route now used for connections.

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by Anders + Kern

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