Canon announces new range of portable projectors

Posted 13/10/2014

The five new LV models are compact, reliable and easy to use, bringing bright, high-performance projection with longer lamp life at exceptionally good value to corporate and educational environments.

The models in Canon’s new LV range – LV-WX300, LV-X300, LV-S300, LV-WX300ST and LV-X300ST – offer high brightness, with each model featuring 3000 lumens as standard. The brightness makes it possible to clearly see images in a variety of meeting room and classroom environments, even when the lights are left on. Canon has chosen to feature a high-quality digital light projection (DLP) engine in the LV series. The DLP engine features ‘BrilliantColor™’ technology, meaning that rich colours are made possible by the inclusion of a six-segment colour wheel. Cyan and yellow segments are included, which dramatically boost the saturation level, avoiding the dull, lifeless colours which are often associated with other DLP models. At the same time, the all-new DLP engine delivers stunning contrast, with ratios of 2300:1 across the range.

Critically, each of the new models is ‘filter free’, meaning that the expense and inconvenience of air filter replacement can now be avoided. Running costs are further reduced by the new long-life projection lamp, which can deliver up to 6000 hours of run-time with consistent use of the ECO mode.

Four models within the range are equipped with an HDMI port, allowing perfect reproduction of images from digital sources, such as Blu-Ray disc players and modern notebook computers. When attached to a suitable source, the projector is capable of displaying 3D content via the DLP Link system. Weighing less than 3kg, the five new models are incredibly easy to move, offering flexibility and ease-of-use for customers.

The new models in Canon’s LV portable range are:

  • LV-WX300 – offering reliable, bright widescreen protection with a HDMI and Network port. Ideal for university or college lecture use
  • LV-X300 – offering XGA resolution, bright projections and extremely reliable images. Especially suited to corporate presentations
  • LV-S300 –offering SVGA resolution with low running costs, this entry-level model is suitable for classroom environments or small business use
  • LV-WX300ST – projects clear widescreen images with good brightness from a short throw distance, this model is built for portability and flexibility for meeting room and classroom use
  • LV-X300ST – provides bright, clear XGA images from a short throw distance, suitable for both corporate and education environments

The LV-WX300, LV-X300 and LV-S300 will be available from September, while the two short throw models – the LV-WX300ST and LV-X300ST will go on sale in December.

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