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Getting the right message across with PADS4

PADS4 is one of the more powerful digital signage tools on the market today.

by Anders + Kern , 10/11/2017

Bringing the meeting space together

Technology continues to evolve to meet the requirements of the modern workplace.

by John Gorman , 17/10/2017

Cloud based Digital Signage PLAYipp comes to the UK

Get in control of easily editable templates with the cloud based PLAYipp Manager.

by Anders + Kern , 04/08/2017

PADS launch new Viewer Variables feature

NDS have released a brand new PADS4 feature, Viewer Variables, which makes creating and managing your content more efficient.

by Anders + Kern , 22/05/2017

Streamlining FM with Digital Signage

Facilities Managers need to find ways to increase productivity and cut costs – which is where AV technology comes in...

by Anders + Kern , 07/03/2017

Meet A+Ks partners at ISE 2017

A+K’s partners SMS, Evoko, i3 Technologies, Projecta, Net Display Systems and Stewart Filmscreens will all be exhibiting at the event which will take place at the RAI Exhibition and Convention centre, Amsterdam.

by Anders + Kern , 01/02/2017

Creating Smart and Personal Digital Signage with PADS4

Digital is taking over. Whether in the form of smartphones and smarter televisions, or digital signage replacing analogue, that fact is hard to miss. The static signage of the past is quickly becoming outmoded and outclassed.

by Anders + Kern , 25/10/2016

How PADS4 helps Royal Flying Doctor Services save lives

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organizations in the world, will include PADS4 in their AV solution in the new to build South Australian headquarters

by Anders + Kern , 03/10/2016

McDonald’s improves customer service with PADS4

Fast food giant McDonald’s is rearranging the visual communication in all of their Moroccan locations and has selected PADS4 software to drive their digital menu boards and video walls.

by Anders + Kern , 03/10/2016

PADS4 Release - September 2016

Find out what's new in the latest release build of PADS4 - including ability monitoring audit trail, and new PAD4 Viewer Connection data provider.

by Anders + Kern , 15/09/2016

PADS4 - What you need to know before selecting SoC players

With the increased interest in combining PADS4 with embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) players for platforms such as the Samsung SSSP and LG WebOS we would like to share some important information.

by Anders + Kern , 04/05/2016

PADS4 now supports Windows 10

As certified Microsoft Gold Partner NDS can now confirm for those who have already decided to update to Windows 10 or consider to do so, as of version 4.65877 PADS4 has a stable performance on Windows 10.

by Anders + Kern , 14/04/2016

PADS4 - Native app to support embedded SoC players

In the latest PADS4 release we have included a native app, dedicated to the embedded SoC (Systems-on-a-Chip) players for the Samsung SSSP and LG WebOS.

by Anders + Kern , 29/01/2016

Interactive Signage in worlds largest toy store

Moscow Central Childrens Store has selected PADS4, Net Display Systems digital signage platform to power their unique dynamic and interactive shopping experience.

by Anders + Kern , 04/11/2015


PADS4 Web Scheduler

PADS4 Web Scheduler

You can schedule your PADS presentations from any workplace. All you need is an Internet browser.

by Anders + Kern , 24/08/2015

Clothing retailer pilots A+K Digital Advertising

A+K Digital advertising is being used to power advertising displays in the shop window of independent clothing retailer.

by Anders + Kern , 24/08/2015

Ready. Set. Go - PADS4 Stopwatch

The latest build release of PADS4 has many new features including the ability to display stopwatch timing to include into your digital signage solution.

by Anders + Kern , 20/04/2015

PADS4 Software Release Offers Versatile HTML5 Signage Solution

The versatile HTML5 Viewer plays rich content on a wide variety of displays that come with a player device supporting HTML5.

by Anders + Kern , 19/01/2015

Major Updates to A+K PADS4 Digital Signage

PADS4 Release 3 includes PADS4 Desktop Viewer, an enhanced Rich Text element, and the Integration of Intel AIM.

by Anders + Kern , 11/10/2013

Anders+Kern Launches Custom-Made Display Towers

The freestanding display towers are a comprehensive solution for public information and digital signage applications.

by Anders + Kern , 08/10/2013

Digital Signage Best Practices

Navigate your way through these obstacles to ensure that your digital signage offering avoids the pitfalls that can occur.

by Anders + Kern , 30/09/2013

A+K Airgoo featured in A1 Retail magazine

Anders+Kern’s wireless digital signage MicroPlayer, A+K Airgoo, included in A1 Retail.

by Anders + Kern , 19/08/2013

Creating Engaging Digital Signage Content

Our top tips for creating engaging digital signage content.

by Anders + Kern , 12/08/2013

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage

What is digital signage and why does it make good business sense to use it?

by Anders + Kern , 16/07/2013

Anders+Kern launches A+K Airgoo

A+K extends its digital signage offering with A+K Airgoo, an Android-based HDMI MicroPlayer for Wireless Digital Signage.

by Anders + Kern , 15/04/2013

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