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Product focus at ISE 2017: Stewart FIDELEDY Vision LED Image Enhancement System

The FIDELEDY Vision is a solution that completely removes visible moiré common to direct-view LED wall tiles used in broadcast and studio environments. Moiré (the degradation of the quality and resolution) can be a frustration for so many broadcasters.

by Anders + Kern , 09/02/2017

Stewart Filmscreen debuts new products at ISE 2016

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016, Stewart Filmscreen will unleash new products and new materials, and will be partnered again with the best brands in the business.

by Anders + Kern , 04/02/2016

Stewart Filmscreens receives further accolades

Stewart Filmscreen recently brought home two awards for new projection screen technologies shown at InfoComm 2015.

by Anders + Kern , 14/07/2015

The Largest Seamless Screens In The World

Stewart Filmscreen jumbo-size seamless screens are available in sizes up to 90 feet wide by 40 feet tall. These sizes are ideal for filling a huge commercial venue with a high-performance image.

by Anders + Kern , 15/06/2015

Fidelity Vision LED enhancement system

Ideal for digital signage, broadcast and staging applications, this innovative screen system transforms LED displays, known for bright but harsh and pixelated appearances, creating a diffuse, film-like appearance.

by Anders + Kern , 15/06/2015

New CIMA Non-Tensioned Motorised ElectiScreens

Stewart Filmscreen Non-Tensioned Motorized ElectriScreens are Ideal for Boardrooms and Classroom. Cima NT motorised projector screens deliver performance, value, and flexibility to applications requiring strict budget adherence and image integrity.

by Anders + Kern , 08/06/2015

Stewart Filmscreen unveils FireHawk G4

FireHawk G4’s arrival brings improvements in uniformity, off-axis viewing, and the reduction of artifacts inherent in all ambient light rejecting screens.

by Anders + Kern , 18/10/2013

Stewart’s VCS is a powerful VC tool

The Video Conference Screen is a seamless front projection screen for large business and video conferencing applications.

by Anders + Kern , 02/10/2013

Thin is in with the new sleek Sabre screen

The super-thin 1/4” beveled frame of the Sabre fixed frame screen creates a sleek, edgeless appearance.

by Anders + Kern , 19/08/2013

Projection Room Ports

The new range of Projection Ports from Stewart Filmscreen allow the AV provision in projection rooms to take advantage of optical clarity and sound reduction.

by Anders + Kern , 26/07/2013

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