Core, Advanced and Tailored – A+K partner SMS visits Suffolk

Posted 22/02/2017

Just a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of welcoming Daniel Gustafsson Salmonsson (Product & Engineering Manager) and Susanne Skarfors (Account Manager) from our partner Smart Media Solutions (SMS) who had travelled from Sweden to visit the A+K premises and give our staff a product refresher. A+K hold the largest stock in the UK of the Scandinavian series of premium brackets, mounts and accessories so the team really valued the opportunity to meet with key members of the SMS team.

There are 3 categories within the SMS product range (Core, Advanced and Tailored) which offer a diverse range of cutting edge and high quality products.


is the SMS product category for standard applications that is always ready and available for immediate delivery. There are approximately 300 products in this popular series. (Below: SMS Func Wall/Floor Motorised)


offers options for more demanding screen/projector environments, allowing flexibility and customisation to fit your brand. There is a broad spectrum of options for design, accessories and functionality. These products are made to order and normally ship within 4-6 weeks. (Below: SMS Casing Freestand)
is the range where anything is possible. Together with the A+K technical team and the SMS engineers, you can create just the product you require, from colour and form, to foil, glass, and in-built accessories. Delivery time will vary depending on the project. (Below: Example of SMS unique and tailored solution)

Our sales team have expertise in recommending which SMS category may suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01638 510900 if you would like advice and to further discuss your requirements

Our thanks to the SMS team for their time with us. 

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