Creating Engaging Digital Signage Content

Posted 12/08/2013

Content is the foundation of digital signage; even if you outsource your content creation, these tips are worthwhile to bear in mind when you are forming your digital signage content strategy.

  • Meaningful:

    Your content needs to be relevant to your audience; they need to recognise the value in your message.

  • Interactive:

    Think of user engagement when designing your presentation, link in dynamic content, such as RSS feeds, to keep your audience interested. Leaving out-of-date content makes people less interested and they soon learn to ignore the information.

  • Social:

    Incorporate social media to augment a customer or visitor’s experience. QR codes are another excellent way to connect with your audience.

  • Eye-catching:

    Your message will be seen, not heard, so it is vital that your presentation has high visual appeal. However, do not let your call to action get lost amongst the flashy graphics.

  • Information:

    The goal is to deliver information, so think about the message that you want to communicate, and how this is being done. You want your content to make people react.

  • Branding:

    Digital signage can play an important part in developing brand awareness and strengthening brand loyalty, you should therefore consider how your brand is being presented to the wider audience when designing your content.

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