Evoko Liso Firmware update 1.37

Posted 9th Jul

Please find Evoko Liso downloads at https://download-liso.evoko.se/

To download the latest version of the firmware please visit the Evoko Liso page on our room booking website.
The download can be found on the 'Documents & Downloads' tab.

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk 

Known issues

The 64-bit (x64) Evoko Home installer displays a message stating you need 32-bit NodeJS 4.8.0 (x86), which is incorrect

The correct NodeJS version for 64-bit Evoko Home is NodeJS 4.8.0 (x64).

For more information, see Install/Upgrade notes in this article (link to Evoko support site)


  • New: Added support for special characters, e.g “&” in meeting subject.
  • New: Added an option to exit the room selection view on the Evoko Liso device when using limited mode.
  • New: Added support for backslash in the username when configuring proxy in the Evoko Home installation wizard.
  • New: Added correct schema detection when going through the configuration wizard for Exchange 2010 booking system.
  • Changed: In Limited mode, the Room Finder functionality has been hidden as it is not supported in this mode.
  • Improved: pixel exercising before going to sleep.
  • Fixed: Demo mode on the Evoko Liso device will now not remove an existing meeting if a new one has been created.
  • Fixed: When using Google G Suite, Evoko Home will now properly handle meetings that are booked on multiple rooms. Note: (Customers using Google G Suite must update Evoko Home and Evoko Liso to v1.37.0 to avoid changing meeting from another room.)
  • Fixed: An issue where check-in email reminder can overwrite meeting confirmation.
  • Fixed: An issue when Evoko Liso device defaults to Exchange/Office 365 room name alias instead of the room alias set in Evoko Home. This happened when the Evoko Liso devices lost the connection to Evoko Home.

Install/upgrade notes

32-bit and 64-bit versions

This release features a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. For new installs we recommend using the 64-bit version. 

Important! The Node.js architecture must match Evoko Home. If you are installing 32-bit Evoko Home, also install 32-bit Node.js. If installing 64-bit Evoko Home, you must use 64-bit Node.js. Evoko Home 1.37 requires Node.js version 4.8.0.
x86 = 32-bit
x64 = 64-bit

To update Evoko Home safely and according to best practices, please this article: How do I update Evoko Home (link to Evoko support site)

Liso backwards compatibility

When connecting a Liso with firmware v1.21 to Evoko Home v1.37 please first disable legacy API authentication from global settings. Otherwise Liso will not be able to reach Evoko Home.

In case legacy API authentication is enabled after Liso is connected to Evoko Home, the Liso will appear on Monitoring page of Evoko Home but upgrade will not be possible. In that case please reboot Liso device.

A Liso with firmware v1.21 that is connected to Evoko Home v1.37 will appear Offline on Monitoring page once per minute, then after few seconds switch to Online again. This is due to compatibility issues between v1.21 and v1.37. This will not break the upgrade process but status notifications will disappear after first occurrence.

The remote upgrade process is compatible for versions 1.35-1.37 so the order in which you upgrade (Evoko Home or Lisos first) does not matter for those versions.

We recommend to always run matching version numbers of Evoko Home software and Liso firmware.</</

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