Evoko Liso Firmware update 2.0.5

Posted 25/01/2019

Please find Evoko Liso downloads at https://download-liso.evoko.se/ (hosted on google drive)

The latest version of the firmware can also be downloaded by visiting the Evoko Liso page on the A+K Room Booking website ('Documents & Downloads' tab)

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk

The latest release notes can also be found directly on the Evoko support website at the following url.


This is a major new release of Evoko Home and Evoko Liso primarily featuring a completely redesigned user interface along with some additional improvements.

In Evoko Home 2.0, we have polished the design, optimized the dynamics on the information shown at the Liso at different times, as well as introduced a new status light colour (Amber) that will be shown 10 minutes before a meeting is about to start. All to make the user experience even better!

Evoko Home 2.0 is also compatible with the Evoko Get A Room App for iOS/Android and the Evoko Overview Screen. The smartphone app will make room booking on the go even easier, adding the convenience to find and book an available meeting room from your smartphone. The Overview Screen is a way of using a larger screen to display either a room overview or a meeting overview for a building or floor to easily find your way to a meeting or find an available room.


Patch (2019-01-16)

Version number is 2018_12_20_v2.0.51 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.0.512 for Evoko Home.

  • New: Added support for Proxy when utilizing OAuth authentication in Office 365
  • New: Added a spinner on the Evoko Liso device user interface when booking, extending and ending a meeting.
  • New: Added indexes to several MongoDB queries to improve performance.
  • Fixed: Long room names being truncated on the Evoko Liso device user interface.
  • Fixed: An error being presented when switching to Proxy.
  • Fixed: An error “Username does not exist on the server” was presented in Evoko Home.
  • Fixed: An error with the Evoko Liso not being able to fetch correct settings if it boots up without connection to Evoko Home.
  • Fixed: “Invalid MongoDB parameters” when installing/updating Evoko Home (Windows server installer).
  • Fixed: Issue with special characters in the MongoDB password (Linux server installer).
  • Fixed: Incorrect statistics calculations caused by recent time zone changes.
  • Improved: Performance optimizations to reduce MongoDB and processor utilization, including response times.
  • Improved: Optimized performance when updating many Local Settings in Evoko Home at once.
  • Improved: Updated Meteor version to 1.8 and NodeJS version to 8.11.4 for better performance and stability (applies only to Evoko Home).
  • Improved: Removed several collections and subscriptions in MongoDB that is not used anymore.
  • Improved: Several language translations on the Evoko Liso device user interface.

Installation notes: NodeJS has been updated to version 8.11.4. If you run the Evoko Home.msi and not the Setup installer, please uninstall your current version of NodeJS and then install version 8.11.4 that is contained in the Evoko Home folder. (This applies only for Windows server installations).

Patch (2018-11-07)

Version number is 2018_11_07_v2.0.410 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.0.401 for Evoko Home.

  • New: OAuth authentication is now supported in Office 365.
  • New: Added the UI for 802.1x implementation in Evoko Home.
  • New: Added the UI for changing the Proxy settings after finishing the installation wizard in Evoko Home (applies to Office 365 booking system).
  • New: Added indexes on user’s collection for more efficient PIN/RFID checks.
  • New: Added various tool tips in Evoko Home.
  • New: Added a logic for fetching display name and verifying room impersonation when adding a room in Evoko Home (applies to Office 365 and Exchange booking systems).
  • New: Allow the use of own MongoDB instances (Windows server installer).
  • Fixed: Adapted Linux installation script to better support Debian 8 and 9.
  • Fixed: “Global settings doesn’t exist” error message.
  • Fixed: Evoko Liso not reverting from active mode to passive mode when Proximity Sensor is enabled.
  • Fixed: Unable to change room details such as room alias, seats and equipment in Evoko Home.
  • Fixed: Incorrect email when broken equipment is resolved without a PIN code.
  • Fixed: Room name is partially cut off in Evoko Home (statistics).
  • Fixed: Issues with room names that have international/special characters.
  • Fixed: Google G Suite internal server error on installation wizard.
  • Fixed: Not possible to add room(s) if the floor in the hierarchy doesn’t exist in Evoko Home.
  • Fixed: “User doesn’t exist” appears when trying to enter the admin area with a valid PIN code on the Evoko Liso device.
  • Fixed: Room finder issues.
  • Improved: Evoko Home now allows longer and special characters when integrating with Office 365 as a booking system.
  • Improved: Sleep and wake up setting now works correctly when configured on a weekend (Saturday/Sunday).
  • Improved: Filtering and sorting of users in Evoko Home > Users area.
  • Improved: Keyboard disappears on the Evoko Liso device when trying to enter Static IP for Ethernet connections.
  • Improved: Upgrade the Evoko Liso device firmware via a USB stick.
  • Improved: RFID enrollment on the Evoko Liso device.
  • Improved: German and Norwegian translations on the Evoko Liso device UI.
  • Improved: The Wi-Fi area on the Evoko Liso device has completely been improved.
  • Improved: As always, we strive to make the Evoko Liso solution as secure as possible by adhering to the latest security best practices and standards in the industry.

Release (2018-10-24)

Marks the release of the Get A Room App! Version number is v2.0.0 for both the Get A Room iOS/Android App and Appconnector. Please see the Get started with the Evoko Get A Room App article for more information.

Patch (2018-10-14)

This patch only applies to Evoko Home. Version number is v2.0.300.

  • Fixed: Issue with missing headers in Hybrid Exchange environments.
  • Fixed: Issue in the Evoko Home wizard with Office 365.

Patch (2018-10-05)

Version number is 2018_10_05_v2.0.22 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.0.201 for Evoko Home.

  • New: Added option to download statistics export in Evoko Home directly via a web browser.
  • Changed: Buttons for Book, Extend and End meeting are now hidden on the Evoko Liso if the respective feature is disabled in the room settings.
  • Improved: Statistics page in Evoko Home.
  • Fixed: Some translations.
  • Fixed: Issue during resource synchronization with Exchange / Office 365 over EWS (Exchange Web Services).

Patch (2018-10-01)

This patch only applies to the Evoko Overview Screen. Version number is v2.0.1.

  • Fixed: Issue with maximum 25 rooms being visible in dropdown list when selecting rooms for your layout in the Overview Screen admin portal.

Patch (2018-09-26)

This patch only applies to Evoko Liso. Version number is 2018_09_26_v2.0.1.

  • Fixed: Issue with Demo mode and wifi causing the Liso to be stuck in a loop (blinking green square).
  • Fixed: Issue with Demo mode and proximity not triggering properly. 
  • Fixed: Issue with Liso not reverting back to Passive mode in some conditions after 60 seconds of inactivity.
  • Fixed: Issue with Demo mode and not being able to book meetings in other rooms via room finder.

Release (2018-09-17)

Marks the release of the Evoko Overview Screen! Version number is v2.0.0
Please see the Get started with the Evoko Overview Screen article for more information.

Patch (2018-09-11)

This patch only applies to Evoko Home. Version number is v2.0.033.

  • Fixed: Installation issue with Evoko Home on Windows servers with some system languages.

Release (2018-09-06)

Version number is 2018_09_06_v2.0.029 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.0.032 for Evoko Home.

  • New: Redesigned Evoko Home user interface.
  • New: Redesigned Liso user interface.
  • New: Room settings behavior.
  • New: Migration process to 2.x added.
  • New: Local Admin user role added.
  • New: Users can set custom password.
  • New: Firmware update improved.
  • New: Drag and drop support.
  • New: Added setting for configuring a static IP on the Liso. 
  • New: Check-in status redefined to 10 minutes before with a new amber LED status on Liso.
  • Changed: Limited mode is no longer available. We recommend Limited mode users to remain on v1.37.
  • Changed: Evoko Home Panel is no longer available. We recommend Evoko Home Panel users to remain on v1.37.
  • Improved: Security.
  • Improved: Management of organization/room structures.
  • Improved: Updated branch of Node.js from v4.8.0 to v8.9.4
  • Improved: On installation a unique encryption passphrase is generated for storing sensitive data in the database (like password for booking system).
  • Improved: Increased API security with additional new architecture layers.

Known issues

  • Restricted file upload: For security, uploading of files is now enabled from localhost only. To circumvent this restriction you would have to login to the Evoko Home server via RDP (Windows) or VNC and access the admin interface locally rather than accessing it via IP:Port.
  • If you are running Evoko Home on a Linux server without a GUI installed, you would need to log on to the server via SSH and run the appropriate command from this article.
  • We have introduced a Local Admin role for Evoko Home. The local admin is authorized to make changes only in local settings view for rooms assigned to him/her. The local admin will get a message which says something like "you are not authorized to access this resource..." when application starts and when switching between some views. This happens when local admin is not authorized to make any changes in the current view.
  • Compatibility issues with 1.x Liso firmware. Please make sure all devices are running the firmware version corresponding to the Evoko Home version in use.
  • [Windows] Old version of Evoko Home might remain on Disk after upgrading to 2.0.
  • TimeZone migration Issue.
  • When connecting a Liso to a Wifi network, the keyboard seem to be lacking the exclamation mark (!). It is there but looks like a pipe (|). The exclamation mark is located on shift+1.
  • When connecting a Liso to a wifi network, the Liso might say it failed. If you are certain you entered the password correctly, exit the wifi connection dialog by touching the X in the upper right corner and wait for a few seconds and you will see the Liso is connected to the wifi network.

by Anders + Kern

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