Evoko Liso Firmware update 2.1

Posted 10/05/2019

Please find Evoko Liso downloads at https://download-liso.evoko.se/ (hosted on google drive)

The latest version of the firmware can also be downloaded by visiting the Evoko Liso page on the A+K Room Booking website ('Documents & Downloads' tab) 

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk

The latest release notes can also be found directly on the Evoko support website at the following url.


In this release Evoko focused on fixing bugs and polishing, both "under the hood" and in the user interface.

Note! If you are using the Get A Room App please make sure to update your Appconnector to 2.0.1 in order to remain fully compatible with Evoko Home v2.1.X.


Release (2019-04-18)

Version number is 2019_04_12_v2.1.100 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.1.101 for Evoko Home.

  • Improved: Customized CSR for 802.1x authentication is now possible.
  • Improved: 802.1x UI buttons now aligned.
  • Fixed: Issue with check-in reminder emails (i.e Russian).
  • Fixed: Issue when connecting with static IP settings on Evoko Liso, pertains to both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Fixed: Not possible to edit SMTP settings after initial setup (Evoko Booking).
  • Fixed: Proceeding with invalid SMTP credentials caused some issues (Evoko Booking).
  • Fixed: Time should have priority over subject (Passive screen).
  • Fixed: Demo mode language list is empty which breaks Demo mode functionality.
  • Fixed: Several language translation issues.

Release (2019-03-08)

Version number is 2019_02_28_v2.1.048 for Evoko Liso firmware and v2.1.027 for Evoko Home.

  • New: Added a standalone booking system "Evoko Booking" (Beta).
  • New: Basic LDAP integration to manually import users from Active Directory via queries (Beta).
  • New: Exchange 2019 support.
  • New: Better user access control in regards to end/extend meetings.
  • New: API token for the username defaultDevIntegrationUser is now displayed under Global settings.
  • New: Support for Icelandic language.
  • New: Custom room equipment.
  • Changed: Meeting subject placeholder is changed to Booked. This applies when meetings are booked on screen, booked as private via a calendar client or when displaying the meeting subject is disabled.
  • Improved: Refined the Liso calendar UI.
  • Improved: Long room names is no longer truncated on the Liso in Passive mode.
  • Fixed: Addressed Liso translation issues in German, Russian, Danish and Finnish as well as various issues with date, time, numbers and formats.
  • Fixed: Missing RFID and PIN input fields in Evoko Home for users with the Local admin role.
  • Fixed: Issue with date format setting not being reflected in the Liso calendar.
  • Fixed: Error messages when logged in as Local Admin.
  • Fixed: 802.1x failed to upload certificates to Liso in some circumstances.

Known issues

  • Issue: It is currently not possible to configure a static IP address when using wifi (existing configurations will not be affected and should continue to work).

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by John Gorman

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