Evoko Liso Firmware update 2.2

Posted 18/10/2019

Please find Evoko Liso downloads at https://download-liso.evoko.se/ (hosted on google drive)

The latest version of the firmware can also be downloaded by visiting the Evoko Liso page on the A+K Room Booking website ('Documents & Downloads' tab) 

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk

The latest release notes can also be found directly on the Evoko support website at the following url.


Known issues

  • Wrong status may be shown for Lisos running firmware 2.1.x. We recommend always running matching version numbers on Liso and Evoko Home.

The Majors

  • New - Liso: Support for new NFC module.
  • New - Liso: Korean and Thai added to Liso Languages.
  • New - Evoko Home: SNMP Support v1.0 Implemented
  • New - Evoko Home: Room CSV Import with full structure.
  • New - Evoko Home: *BETA* ERM Integration Server - Service to use ERM’s with Evoko Home. Read more.
  • New - Evoko Home: CPU Scalability - NodeJS PM2 Implementation
  • New - Evoko Home: Reworked Monitoring Page for Performance and Usability.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Full implementation of LDAP with scheduling and handling of adding, editing, and deleting.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: oAuth Changes for O365
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Fix for 802.1 CSR request introduced in v2.1.1 (command injection vulnerability)

The Minors

  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Changed Liso Hostname
  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Russian and Icelandic for "Filtering by Equipment" issue resolved.
  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Updated onboard diagnostics tools.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Totals for Active/Inactive Devices Shown
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Ability to remote restart Evoko Liso
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Time Stamps Now Added to Logs on Linux.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Room overview now displays differently if device is sleeping or offline.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Device Details now available in Monitoring Page.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Added proxy support for firmware download.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Created Read Only User that can check statistics in Evoko Home only.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Resolved issue with local admins getting an error when landing on the room overview screen.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Limited the publishing of settings for Local Admin Users.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: ERM Service now restarts after installation.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: GMT Time-Zones are now in order.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Display numbers of meetings in statistics.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Evoko Home now reports on device being down or unresponsive.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Pie Charts now reflect chosen rooms only.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Can now schedule daily statistic report.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Implement latest NFS API changes to NFS Backend Connector.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Encrypted password for MongoDB credentials when using external MongoDB instance.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Scheduled imports can now be downloaded from a path rather than a selected file.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Customize CSR - 802.1x and upload script implemented.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Addressed stack based buffer overflow, brute force on password reset verification as well as pairing key verification.

Overview Screen (v2.0.3)

  • Improved: Updated some dependencies.
  • Improved: SSL/TLS certificate changes should now be automatically picked up by the server.
  • Improved: Improved resilience for temporary network issues by a 30 second timeout before starting to display disconnected....
  • Changed: Adjusted the position slightly of the displayed logos.
  • Changed: Adjusted the displayed subject on the Overview Screen in some scenarios (when private, ad-hoc and when subject is disabled) to Booked to match Liso.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Evoko Home v2.2.
  • Fixed: Issue with room tiles not turning amber 10 minutes before a meetings starts if check-in was disabled.
  • Fixed: Issue with multi-day meetings only being displayed during the first day.
  • Fixed: Issue with the wrong room name value being displayed in the layout configurator.
  • Fixed: Issue with display settings (subject/organizer) not applying with all Evoko Home environments.

Get A Room App (v2.0.2)

  • Improved: Updated some dependencies.
  • Improved: SSL/TLS certificate changes should now be automatically picked up by the server.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with Evoko Home v2.2.

by John Gorman

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