Evoko Liso Firmware update 2.3

Posted 18th Feb

The latest firmware release v2.3 for Evoko Liso is now available.

Please find Evoko Liso downloads at https://download-liso.evoko.se/ (hosted on google drive)

The latest version of the firmware can also be downloaded by visiting the Evoko Liso page on the A+K Room Booking website ('Documents & Downloads' tab) 

Please read the latest release notes before updating. If you have any questions the A+K support team can be reached on 01638 510900 or emailing support@anders-kern.co.uk

The latest release notes can also be found directly on the Evoko support website at the following url.


Release (2020-02-18)

Known issues

  • When updating from v2.1 to v2.3 and configured with Office 365 legacy Modern Authentication. Evoko Home admins will need to re-authenticate Evoko Home with Office 365 by clicking on the change button in the Evoko Home Global Settings for the Service Account. Log into the service account mailbox and re authenticate with Office 365 using the token provided. Once completed, Evoko Home will be connected back to Office 365.

The Majors

  • New - Liso: Updated Ethernet drivers for generic 1gbps network support.
  • New - Liso: Improved performance in network communication as Full Duplex is default.
  • New - Liso: Screen Saver on setup screen.
  • New – Evoko Home: Possibility to change Office 365 Authentication from basic to modern as well as re-authenticate with modern authentication from Evoko Home Global Settings.
  • New - Evoko Home: Meteor Update to v1.8.1, including NodeJS v8.15.1
  • Improvement - Liso: Improved compatibility with certain Cisco and HP switches.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: oAuth token changes for Office 365.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Booking a meeting in Exchange 2013 and then trying to delete it from the calendar view on the Liso panel now works.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Changes in Google G Suite are now correctly synchronized to Evoko Home.
  • Improvement - Liso and Evoko Home: Security improvements.

The Minors

  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Minor Russian translation.
  • Improvement - Evoko Liso: Russian and Icelandic for "Filtering by Equipment" issue resolved.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Room names with “&” sign in them no longer cause issues.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: When client is not properly configured for oAuth, an error is thrown.
  • Improvement - Evoko Home: Update NFS Connector to use NFS email services.
  • Improvement - Evoko Booking: It is now possible to book rooms that do not have a Liso.

by John Gorman

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