Fidelity Vision LED enhancement system

Posted 15/06/2015

Stewart Filmscreen FIDELEDY Vision Image Enhancement System Revolutionises LED Video Wall Image Fidelity and Eliminates Moiré Interference

Ideal for digital signage, broadcast and staging applications, this innovative screen system transforms LED displays, known for bright but harsh and pixelated appearances, creating a diffuse, film-like appearance while also curing the annoying moiré interference that plagues broadcasters and filmmakers.

Stewart Filmscreen®— Academy Award® winning manufacturer of high-performance projector screens and specialty optical coatings, announces the release of the FIDELEDY Vision image enhancement system for LED video wall tiles. With usage growing at over 20% per year, LED video wall tiles have become a popular large image solution for digital signage, staging, broadcast and filmmaking applications. Architects, consultants, and stage managers love the shallow depth and bright images, but have expressed a clear need to enhance the harsh, digitized images these displays present. With over 60 years of image fidelity expertise, Stewart Filmscreen engineers, building upon an award-winning heritage with rear projection screen surfaces, developed the FIDELEDY Vision system to give LED video walls a true cinematic appearance. In addition, the system eliminates moiré interference issues prevalent in re-photography situations. FIDELEDY Vision will be demonstrated on Christie® LED Tiles at Stewart Filmscreen’s InfoComm booth (#2821), June 17–19 in Orlando, Florida.

FIDELEDY Vision will be available in a range of light transmission and contrast options. The breadth of requirements across various vertical markets demands a customized solution to each installation, a hallmark of Stewart Filmscreen engineering and manufacturing. By fine-tuning the transmissive properties, Stewart designers can perfectly match the focal properties of the enhancement screen to the width of the viewing area. Site lighting conditions will vary greatly and a one contrast fits all approach would never provide the right grayscale balance. Budgetary considerations place pressure on design choices. FIDELEDY Vision hugely benefits total cost of installation allowing larger pixel pitch options to be perceived like finer pitch options. With image enhancement from FIDELEDY Vision, LED walls can be larger and used more prevalently while still holding to tight overall spending constraints.

“FIDELEDY Vision is a must-have for LEDs in any studio environment because it completely removes moiré interference typically found in broadcast scenarios,” says Grant Stewart, CEO and President of Stewart Filmscreen. “For digital signage applications, it reduces the harsh electronic pixel structure and creates a smooth, film-like appearance even at close viewing distances.”

Digital Signage Applications

While beneficial with informational signage FIDELEDY Vision truly shines when the signage is architectural in nature. The cinematic quality created by the enhancement screen empowers designers to present lovely pictorial scenes that can be refreshed instantly to suit changing requirements, seasons, times of day, or any of a number of environmental or marketing factors. Because FIDELEDY Vision moderates the harsh intensity of LED light output, module placement can be much closer to the viewing audience without creating a fatiguing experience.

Broadcast and Filmmaking Applications

LED tiles are often specified for broadcast or filmmaking, but bring a negative side effect of distracting moiré into the video mix—a frustrating fact of life for cinematographers, filmmakers, and producers. FIDELEDY Vision eliminates the moiré resulting in gorgeous, uncompromised video with impressive image integrity.

Stewart High-Performance Screen Quality

FIDELEDY Vision enhances the image quality for greater realism and viewer comfort, and a far superior experience compared with unenhanced LED video wall installations. Delivering an extremely flat spectral response curve on and off axis, FIDELEDY Vision maintains colour accuracy for the truest image. Furthermore, its low-gloss surface characteristics reject glare from adjacent surfaces to suit a wide range of lighting environments.

Completely Customizable

FIDELEDY Vision is designed to be custom-engineered for every application. Stewart Filmscreen engineers will work with clients, installers, and architects to design the framing and mounting systems to best suit the location, the type of LED modules, and the environment. The screen is completely scalable in seamless sizes up to 40 x 90 feet. With Stewart Filmscreen’s EZ Mount QR frame installation system, FIDELEDY Vision is not only easily installed, it can be easily removed to provide low cost, highly efficient access for maintenance or repair of the LED wall tiles.

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