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Posted 10/11/2017

Digital signage can really make a difference in the streamlining the flow of information across an organisation, adding value to corporate data, facilitating collaboration and generally making your life easier. However, most of these benefits will remain unrealised if the product is not used to its fullest potential.

One of the most intractable barriers to progress within an organisation is people's innate resistance to the new. People are used to the way that they do things, even if they are promised something better, many prefer to stick with what they know. Even when handed the keys to a shiny new system bursting with features, people tend to proceed cautiously, sticking with easily learned basics and often never penetrating the upper reaches of functionality. It can be a huge missed opportunity. 

This is why, when buying AV systems, it's best to look for products designed to slip easily into people's existing work processes. New software is much more likely to be accepted and used if it looks familiar and doesn't require a steep learning curve (although highly functional systems may require supplier demonstrations to ensure their full value is understood).

PADS4, one of the more powerful digital signage tools, comes with an interface similar to Microsoft Office ensuring that it feels intuitive to users accustomed to the Windows environment. Once people are comfortable, they are more likely to explore the product's potential and find new ways of harnessing it to increase their own (and the organisation's) productivity.

Anders+Kern have customers across a range of sectors including financial services, transport and logistics and manufacturing who are using PADS4 linked to back-end systems to display call centre stats, productions levels and internal communications.

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by Anders + Kern

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