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Posted 15/06/2016

A better way to demo the Evoko Minto

We have installed a new function for the Evoko Minto – a demo mode. It can be used to show and test the unit without an active call. This makes it easy to demo the powerful sound quality of Minto without having to worry about poor cell phone reception or low bandwidth. We hope it will be useful for you when you are demonstrating the product. 

How to set the Evoko Minto to automatically connect to a device

Another new feature is the “Auto Pair Mode”. The Evoko Minto is often connected to the same device, e.g. when using it as part of a video conferencing system. Auto Pairing Mode creates an easy pairing procedure and means that one specific device (Auto Pair Device) can be specified for automatic pairing at power up of Minto. 

We hope you will find these two new features useful.

You can find details about both these news in the updated manual, which you can download here. 

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by Anders + Kern

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