i3 Technologies transforming learning at BETT 2017

Posted 26/01/2017

Among the products that i3-TECHNOLOGIES will have on display will be the world’s largest whiteboard, the i3BOARD. The board has several unique features including recognising both stylus and finger touch and allowing up to 10 simultaneous touches for multi-user interaction. The new i3Touch display E-series will also be on display. This alternative to the traditional interactive whiteboard solution has had a design update and now includes improved audio and V-Sense touch technology.

Visitors to Bett will also be able to check out the smart cube iMO-LEARN and latest updates to the i3LEARNHUB, the behind-the-scenes software that so cleverly consider the needs of both teachers and learners. The cube allows students and teachers to move in a unique and active learning environment comprising of mathematics, linguistic and balance exercises, along with challenging puzzles. The i3LEARNHUB (which communicates wirelessly with the digital version of iMO-LEARN) is the only software in the world that recognises physical tools on the display screen.

Visit our i3-TECHNOLOGIES page to find out more about these products or call 01638 510900 for more information/request a demo with a member of our team.

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by Anders + Kern

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