i3HUDDLE 2.0 update 1.1.17

Posted 28/06/2017

The i3HUDDLE, brought you to from our partners i3-TECHNOLOGIES, have released a new firmware update for the product. The 1.1.7 update includes new features and an updated interface. 

i3 have rearranged the buttons by removing the i3MEETINGHUB button to give a clearer overview. The MEETINGHUB can be easily accessed through the online app: app.i3meetinghub.com. The personal app list has also been simplified.

If you do not use a Windows OPS in combination with the i3HUDDLE, you can now disable it with the Windows button.

Easy access
When the i3HUDDLE is used in a secure environment, you now have the option to disable the password. Simply go to settings, click on reset and then slide the switch to disable the password.

Notification badges
i3 have also made improvements to keep you up to date with future updates. A red notification badge will now appear when new updates become available for apps and firmware. 

How do I update the firmware to 1.1.7?

  • Go to the settings of your device 
  • Enter the password 
  • Click on update. The update will take about 6 minutes and the device will then reboot automatically. A stable internet connection is essential.

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