Interactive Signage in worlds largest toy store

Posted 04/11/2015

PADS4 powers retail solution in Moscow Central Children’s Store

Moscow Central Children’s Store, one of the most popular shopping places of Moscow has selected PADS4, Net Display Systems’ digital signage platform to power their unique dynamic and interactive shopping experience. 

The digital signage solution includes nothing less than 600 screens, 200 players and more than 30 video walls. At the Central Children’s Store, interactive navigation kiosks show consumers the way on the six floors that house children’s toys and games, a toy museum and an enormous food court hosting a Space playground.

“All content for the interactive zones, digital navigation and infomercial displays throughout the 73,000 square meters are seamlessly managed with PADS4”, says Willie Jan Bons, Chief Executive Officer at Net Display System.” Our platform enables them to adapt instantly to new concepts and seasonal changes. If required, new designs can be pushed to each of the 600 displays all at once.”

This interactive signage solution more than exceeds the standard rotating billboard advertisement. It takes shoppers on an amusement park-like journey and offers a new generation of children an unforgettable in-store adventure.

Find out more about PADS4 digital signage by visiting the A+K digital signage website

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by Anders + Kern

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