PADS launch new Viewer Variables feature

Posted 22/05/2017

NDS have released a brand new PADS4 feature, Viewer Variables, which makes creating and managing your content more efficient. 

Here's an example of how it works. Let's say you have 50 door signs for your meeting room facilities within your digital signage network. As each door has a unique room number, you normally have to design and schedule 50 different presentations. The new Viewer Variables feature ensures that your displays 'know' what data is changeable and you only need to define the variable once. This ultimately means you only need to design one presentation that you can schedule for the an entire group. Simple!

In the case in the above photo, it's a room number defined as #meetingroomnumber#, but the options are nearly endless. You can change variables based on location, direction, IP address, or opening hours. Once this is done, you only have to design one presentation with the data centrally managed and schedule the entire group of door sign viewers all at once.
Another advantage is that adding a new meeting room to your network is easy and effortless. With PADS4 Viewer Variables you can design and schedule more efficiently and lower the costs of your signage solution. 

To find out more about Digital Signage and PADS, visit our dedicated Digital Signage page. 

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by Anders + Kern

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