PADS4 Web Scheduler

Posted 24/08/2015

PADS4 now with web based scheduling

We are excited to announce we have released the Web Based PADS4 Scheduler; now available for any PADS4 installation with an active software maintenance agreement in place.

This is why you need this brand new PADS4 application:

  • Schedule from any workplace: From now on you can schedule your PADS presentations from any workplace. All you need is an Internet browser. With this PADS4 update we make scheduling more flexible and bring scheduling to mobile devices such as tablets
  • No extra license required: The web based application will be included in the current PADS4 Scheduler license. You’re free to select the installed version or the Web Based PADS4 Scheduler
  • Easy installation: No installation required at your workplace. All software is installed centrally on the PADS4 Server when installing the PADS4 Server
  • Full integration: The new application has been entirely integrated in the regular PADS4 Scheduler and all other PADS4 applications. Both schedule applications can be used interchangeably
  • Less maintenance: When you update our software on the PADS4 Server, all users of the Web Based PADS4 Scheduler will automatically receive the latest version. This will decrease your maintenance costs

Further details coming soon.

Visit our dedicated digital signage website to find out more about PADS4 Digital signage.

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by Anders + Kern

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