PADS4 - What you need to know before selecting SoC players

Posted 04/05/2016

With the increased interest in combining PADS4 with embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) players for platforms such as the Samsung SSSP and LG WebOS we would like to share some important information. This can be crucial in your decision-making when it comes to the selection of the SoC hardware.

Samsung SSSP

We have tested PADS4 on the D and E series and highly recommend to use the E series for the best performance. 

Here are the tested series and firmware versions for Samsung SSSP:
Series//Firmware version


After successful testing, we guarantee that PADS4 HTML5 Viewers have a stable performance on LG WebOS V2.0. 

Here are the tested series and firmware versions for LG WebOS:

Series//Firmware version
WebOS2//3.70.80 (SoC version)
WebOS2//3.11.3 (Micom version)
Other SoC players
If you have any questions about PADS4 combined with other SoC players, please contact us at

We hope our recommendations and advice help you in deciding how to set up your SoC display based signage network.

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by Anders + Kern

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