Ready. Set. Go - PADS4 Stopwatch

Posted 20/04/2015

In the latest PADS4 Build Release we have added quite a few new features to our digital signage software.

Here's a selection of a few new features available in the latest PADS4 update:

Latest Features

  • Formatted text element: We now offer the ability to display stopwatch timing to include into your digital signage solution during for example sport and game events. Also added to the formatted text element is the option to specify a numeric value with a specific numeric format.
  • Google Calendar Data Provider: Access your private Google Calendar with implementation of OAuth2 authentication to display event or meeting details. This means you no longer need to share your Google Calendar as public calendar.
  • TV Element: Analog TV is now available in the TV Element to support all customers still using analog TV in their digital signage network.

Visit our dedicated digital signage website and update your PADS4 software to get the latest features.

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by Anders + Kern

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