The Largest Seamless Screens In The World

Posted 15/06/2015

Extra-large screen manufacturing capabilities to be highlighted at InfoComm 2015

In addition to several new product announcements, Stewart Filmscreen comes to Infocomm15 to reinforce its leadership position as the world’s premier projector screen manufacturer by highlighting its capabilities to manufacture the largest seamless screens. No other screen company has the expertise or capabilities to match Stewart Large. Seamless is the key to uniformity and image fidelity and has been one of the critical differentiators of Stewart Filmscreen. It is this rock solid focus on image fidelity and the company’s commitment to custom manufacturing that has prompted the most discriminating and demanding clients in business like theme parks, post production studios, simulation and visualization to trust Stewart Filmscreen.

“There are many screen companies that can produce large screens, but at Stewart Filmscreen, we have been producing larger-than-life screens for more than 65 years. We have the skills to manufacture, handle, deliver and care for ultra-large screens for any venue,” says Grant Stewart, CEO & President of Stewart Filmscreen. “We are also the only screen manufacturer that can produce jumbo size screens without seams, which can distract the audience from fully enjoying what’s onscreen. When working at this level, commercial integrators, technology managers, consultants, and specifiers should demand perfection from their screen investment.”

Stewart Filmscreen jumbo-size seamless screens are available in sizes up to 90 feet wide by 40 feet tall. These sizes are ideal for filling a huge commercial venue with a high-performance image, regardless if it’s a live event, projection screen video wall, or a permanent installation. Because Stewart Filmscreen manufactures its screens on-site at its California and Ohio plants, finished screens can be delivered to the job site with ease and efficiency.

“More and more, integrators are straddling the worlds of commercial and residential AV, so the ability to offer a huge range of sizes, from small home theater screens to jumbo commercial ones, is a great benefit,” says Stewart. “With Stewart Filmscreen, not only are integrators assured of the best possible image fidelity for any application, they are also able to get all their projection screens, regardless of size, from one source. That’s important to a lot of people, including us.”

Some of Stewart Filmscreen’s high-profile large-format screen projects include the Academy Awards® live broadcast, the ACM Awards, the View®, CNN®, national political conventions, theme parks, automotive, flight and mine safety simulators, indoor and outdoor theaters, and more.

Visit A+K dedicated projection screens website to see a comprehensive range of Stewart Filmscreen offering.

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