Stewart Filmscreen debuts new products at ISE 2016

Posted 04/02/2016

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2016, Stewart Filmscreen will unleash new products and new materials, and will be partnered again with the best brands in the business. Representing commercial, and pro AV projection solutions for any application, 

We're Bringin' the NEW!

NEW Harmony 4K+ woven acoustically transparent screen material. 
Which is better—woven or perforated AT screens? As the war rages on, Stewart Filmscreen serves both camps with the new Harmony woven screen material which joins industry standard perforated screen materials MicroPerf and CinemaPerf, providing discerning audiences the right screen for any application. 

NEW FIDELEDY Vision LED Image Enhancement System

Being shown Internationally for the 1st time, FIDELEDY Vision is an overlay system that eliminates moiré, diffuses bright, pixelated LED wall or tile images, and enables a shorter viewing distance and more cinematic look and feel. It also facilitates the use of larger pixel pitch options for a given viewing distance.

LEGENDARY Masking Screen Systems have been a Stewart specialty for ages. Because we're a custom shop of sorts, we're able to take masking screen systems to a whole new level. What makes these screens so special? For one, Stewart Filmscreen masking screens are literally unrivaled in both technical innovation and performance, just as our materials are. They're elegant and the fit and finish is top-notch. Moreover, our masking screen systems are quiet and reliable. 

GIANT Seamless Screens. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Stewart has the largest seamless screens in the industry. Our screens go up to 40-feet by 90-feet wide, seamlessly. 

For impeccable image and sound fidelity, Stewart Filmscreen remains the worldwide leader.

Learn more about Stewart Filmscreen on our dedicated projection screen website.

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