Stewart Filmscreens receives further accolades

Posted 14/07/2015

Stewart Filmscreen has amassed an impressive number of technology and innovation awards over the years. A two-time Academy Award® winner for technical innovations and the recipient of copious other awards since the company’s inception, Stewart Filmscreen recently brought home two awards for new projection screen technologies shown at InfoComm 2015, including a Sound & Video Contractor Best of Show Award for its LuminEsse rigid front projection ‘edgeless’ fixed frame wall screen and an InfoComm Digital Signage Best of Show Award for its FIDELEDY Vision LED image enhancement system.

Both awards recognize new and outstanding products exhibited at the InfoComm show. Panels that include industry experts, AV designers, integrators, and end users saw and tested each entry on the InfoComm floor. Product entries were awarded points based on a series of criteria including innovation, performance against category standard, richness/relevance of feature set, ease of installation/maintenance, and value/ROI.

“We are honoured to take home these two prestigious awards—one for our new front projection solution and one for digital signage applications,” says Grant Stewart, President & CEO of Stewart Filmscreen. “It is a testament to our continual effort to innovate and bring solutions to the integration community that will allow them to create the perfect image, every time, and deliver the very best performance.”

The Digital Signage Best of Show Award went to Stewart’s new FIDELEDY Vision Image Enhancement System for LED video wall tiles. With usage growing at over 20% per year, LED video wall tiles have become a popular large image solution for digital signage, staging, broadcast and filmmaking applications. Architects, consultants, and stage managers love the shallow depth and bright images, but have expressed a clear need to enhance the harsh, digitized images these displays present, especially at closer viewing distances. With more than 60 years of image fidelity expertise, Stewart Filmscreen engineers developed the FIDELEDY Vision system to give LED video walls a true cinematic appearance. In addition, the system eliminates moiré interference issues prevalent in re-photography situations. The integration community has since responded with overwhelmingly enthusiastic support.

A new rigid front projection wall screen system with an ‘edgeless’ design, LuminEsse gives technology integrators, consultants, designers and property owners the ability to not only offer appreciable aesthetics but more importantly, the most appropriate screen material for the application. Differentiated in the marketplace by its versatile screen material configuration options, LuminEsse can be configured with most of Stewart Filmscreen’s 4K+ rated front projection materials, including FireHawk ® G4, GrayHawk RS® G4, StudioTek 130, and more. LuminEsse delivers a stunning onscreen image with impressive uniformity, crisp detail, and an immersive viewing experience.

LuminEsse was also honoured at Integrated Systems Europe 2015—an international audiovisual trade show held annually in Amsterdam—receiving a coveted AV Technology, Residential Systems, and Digital Signage Best of Show Award.

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