Streamlining FM with Digital Signage

Posted 07/03/2017

The modern Facilities Manager (FM) is increasingly expected to take a strategic role within the organisation. The role is expanding to embrace services relating to every aspect of building maintenance, space management and communications infrastructure, while still ensuring that users are provided with a comfortable, functional working environment. And if the FM can find ways to increase productivity and cut costs, so much the better – which is where AV technology comes in. AV has the potential to help the organisation make significantly better use of its resources.

Digital signage products, for example, are all about taking data and representing it in a way that helps people do their jobs, increase the organisation’s efficiency, and presents an image of smart competence. At its simplest the technology is used to capture data from localised applications such as spreadsheets and present it in a more accessible, visually interesting way. It also tends to be associated with snazzy message displays and information panels. But it is capable of so much more.
All organisations face the challenge of making their stockpiles of accumulated data easily available to all those who could put it to good use. Connectivity is the holy grail, but it’s difficult to achieve with non-technical users. A product like PADS4 has the potential to take data from anywhere in the organisation and display it wherever and whenever required. That includes real-time data like production output or sales figures from where it lurks in the back-end database. Complex data can be represented in a simple, easy to grasp, dynamic visual format that can transform presentations, or streamline reporting and analytics, saving time and money.  

The ability to turn bits and bytes into useful information opens up numerous possibilities for smoothing the path of daily working life. Digital signage could be used, for example, to send notifications to all desktops or departments that a fire alarm test is scheduled for a certain time. A simple add-on that improves the efficacy of the fire safety system at a stroke. PADS4 can be used to add notifications to all kinds of systems, with numerous rules options to make the smartest use of the live data source.

Interactive wayfinding is another obvious and growing application of digital signage. Static maps and displays in environments such as hospitals, universities, shopping malls and airports might look good, but they cannot respond to changing conditions. Interactive digital screens, on the other hand, can be kept continuously updated. It makes life considerably easier for customers, travellers and members of the public, and sends a great signal about the organisation’s efficiency.  

Data signage products can really make a difference, streamlining the flow of information around the organisation, adding value to corporate data, facilitating collaboration and generally making the FM’s life easier.

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