Three Categories for all your screen needs

Posted 28/08/2018

Did you know that SMS have divided their exceptional product range into three categories? 

Whether you require a standard off the shelf product or a bespoke product to match your brand, we will help you to create a solution that fits your needs exactly. 


Core is our product category for standard applications. Products that promote your screen or projector without extra frills. A variety of stands for all standard applications, ready for immediate delivery. A quick and easy way to solve almost any need.


Advanced is for those who want to promote their screen or projector a little more, and be seen in demanding environments. Customise the product to blend in, stand out – or fit the brand. Our Advanced category lets you adapt a product to the situation. This involves a broad spectrum of options for design, accessories and functionality.


With our Tailored category, anything is possible. Together with our engineers, you create just the product you need: from colour and form, to foil, glass, and built-in accessories. A clever modular design makes the process efficient and cost-effective. 

 Talk to us today about your requirements, our knowledge and expertise allow us to offer the best advice, we’re here ready to help!  Visit our Distribution site for examples of the Core range 

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by Anders + Kern

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