Height adjustable interactivity

A textbook case when it comes to height adjustment. Pulling the handle up or down causes the interactive board to move almost by itself, due to the perfectly balanced mechanism. The unique height-adjustment system makes this bracket suitable for conferences and schools, where the children can easily reach right to the top of the board. The height adjustment also means that unnecessary stretching is eliminated. It is simple to install due to highly premounted parts.

Choose SMS universal slide to match the projector, alternatively an adapter for projectors with a projector pillar already included. The stand can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally upon installation.

The possibility to fine tune the height of the projector pillar gives you the best possible image. The attachments for the interactive board are universal which means the product can be used with most currently available interactive boards on the market.

If you want to use the projector pillar included from the projector manufacturer; contact us for available adapters.


Tilt: minus
Tilt: plus
VESA Max. Horizontal


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