Service Level Agreements
What we offer

The Service Level Agreement (or SLA) is A+K’s commitment to a guaranteed service. Our SLA’s all offer an agreed service and support availability, plus more. 

A+K offer SLA's to all of our customers who purchase a room booking, digital signage product or have an installation carried out by us. We offer 3 levels of support within the agreement, which is dependent on individual customer needs. These levels of cover are defined by our bronze, silver and gold packages. The SLA is a document that is discussed prior to a product being purchased and is one which is reviewed on an annual basis by our dedicated technical team.

Three advantages of purchasing a SLA
  • Phone and remote support 8.30-17.00 Monday to Friday (excluding UK public bank holidays)
  • Clearly defined expectations and responsibilities for both A+K and the customer
  • Assurance that any issues will be dealt with as a priority as a SLA customer
  • To read about the many more benefits that a SLA agreement offers, you can read our detailed SLA cover options webpage and our SLA FAQs below. 

    Please ring 01638 510900 or email to discuss your requirements in further detail.

SLA cover options

Discover the advantages of Bronze, Silver and Gold cover.


Read A+K's comprehensive SLA FAQ which covers the most commonly asked questions.

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