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Installation services

Our experienced team of installation technicians are on call to provide a range of services to support you. 

Our team have extensive experience of working in most types of environments from secure defence sites to state-of-the-art city meeting rooms. 

We work on locations anywhere in the UK and install sensors, meeting room displays through to complex audio-visual solutions.

Preventative / maintenance

The Technical service division offers a range of scheduled service visits to ensure your installed equipment is well maintained for peak performance, longer life and a greater user experience.

Commissioning services

Helping you with the final piece of the jigsaw to ensure all your applications are connected and synchronised to ensure the perfect user experience. 

The team is also at hand to assist you with Software/Firmware updates ensuring your devices are operating on the latest version.


In or out of warranty, we have a team ready to help with technical faults in hardware. We have extensive experience in helping clients to maintain products that have been installed many years ago.

Our experts can undertake performance assessments on your equipment and provide solutions to help you to get you back up and running. 

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