22" hand sanitiser display

Hand sanitising
digital signage

In areas where hygiene is key, and hand washing facilities are not available, these displays are ideal. They combine a hand sanitising station* with a versatile Digital Signage solution.

Go contactless

These displays come with a network upgrade and 1 year free subscription as standard so can be updated from our online CMS portal. They feature no external buttons or controls and have an automated on/off power timer to minimise contact following installation.

Key features

  • Automatic dispensing
  • Easy to refill
  • Sanitiser level indicator
  • 24/7 commercial grade
  • Integrated Android media player
  • Complete steel enclosure
  • 3 year's manufacturer warranty
  • Free network upgrade & subscrption
  • Compact & lightweight design
  • Optional floor stand

24/7 Usage

This is a true commercial grade solution. Built using a commercial grade LCD panel and components it is designed to be in constant use.

Robust Steel Enclosure

This solution features a full metal enclosure making it perfect for any commercial or public environment, especially in locations where impact is a concern.

Online Content Management System

Using our user-friendly cost-effective software solution you can combine multiple media zones (images, videos, webpages etc.), social media feeds, scrolling text and RSS feeds for latest news.

Safe 700ml Tank Capacity

Most standard hand sanitiser stations have a capacity below one litre; this is because it reduces the risk of evaporation caused by larger tanks. This is important because as the sanitiser evaporates the alcohol content reduces – decreasing the effectiveness of the sanitiser.

Safe Maintenance

The easy front access door to allows you to conveniently re-fill the sanitiser tank however to carry out maintenance on the internal components you must remove the rear panel. This two-way access ensures that no electronics are exposed when the tank is being re-filled, preventing a potential fire hazard or any damage to the display.

Fully Automated Dispensing

The fully automated design removes the need to touch the dispenser, simply place your hand under the dispenser and a single or double dose of sanitiser will be dispensed. The dispense valve is non-spray, non-clog and can support liquid or gel.

Custom Branding & Logo

Customise the look of the exterior casing with your own branding and/or logo. 

Optional Stand Available

The display can be wall mounted as standard or mounted onto a stylish floor stand, for easy portability. The modern stand also features an illuminated blue LED strip.

Free Lockable Wall Mount

The wall mount makes it easy to remove the unit for maintenance. 


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