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Desk booking with occupancy sensor

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Automated hot-desking and desk-hoteling for open workspaces

With IAdea Desk Booking Device, there is only one season in open workplaces: Hot.

Key features

  • Optimised workplace efficiency
  • Built-in click-button enables workplaces to collect at-desk usage data
  • Built-in ID reader
  • Conveniently check-in and out through NFC/HID ID authentication
  • Build-in occupancy sensor
  • Auto-detect and notify about desk-ghosting and desk-camping
  • Peripheral LED lights
  • Different lights to highlight desk status and user availability
  • Minimalist mounting
  • Adaptive desk and partition surface mounting
  • Clean installation
  • Single-wire-installation for Desk Booking Device and Gateway. Enabling neat and simple integration.

Facilitating a frictionless workplace

The IAdea Desk Booking Device enables open workplaces to allow its users to book free desks through 3rd party software, at-a reception area, or directly at the desk. Since users can see the availability status on each desk, they don’t need to waste time on queuing a reception, taking tickets or floating around the facility in search of a free space to work. 

Easy check-ins and outs with personal ID

IAdea Desk Booking Device makes it even more convenient for users to directly book a desk in-person, by simply scanning their workplace-issued ID. This feature also adds another layer of security for the user, as desk booking cancellations or extensions must be completed with the same user ID.

The mighty sixth-sense

With a built-in occupancy sensor, the IAdea Desk Booking Device is always watching for desk-ghosting and desk-camping. If a desk reservation is not confirmed within a set timeframe, the desk will be automatically released. When the device detects an unverified user occupying a desk, it will automatically notify management to proactively check the situation.

Distraction-less design

With screens and bright lights everywhere these days, it’s easy to get distracted. The IAdea Desk Booking Device is deliberately designed display-less and with minimal direct lighting, allowing the user to work in a distraction-free environment. When the desk is in use, the peripheral LED light is automatically turned off to ensure the user focuses on their work.


Adjustable, smart & tidy installation

Whether it’s mounting on desks or partitions, it does it all. A smart T-Bar design on the back cover allows the IAdea Desk Booking Device to pivot and make horizontal and vertical adjustments during installation.

partition surface

Partion surface

table surface

Table surface

under table

Under table

Gateway to a Scalable Desk Booking System

IAdea Desk Booking Gateway (WDG-001) is the brain behind the whole desk booking system. PoE+ powers WDG-001 to control up to six Desk Booking Devices (WDB-001) by simple USB connection which enables the flexibility of installation and decrease the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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