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Room services

For those needing more sophisticated functionality the Evoko Rose package is the ideal solution. It offers time-saving features, such as automatic check-in when entering a meeting room, buffer zones before and after meetings and full catering options when booking your room. It also has the option to add maps to guide you to the meeting room and use our sensor connections and open API for automation and integration. There is also a user-friendly mobile app where users can quickly find and book meeting rooms on the go.

Advanced booking features

  • Advanced Naso functionality
  • User identification with PIN/RFID
    Bookings added to personal calendar
    Automatic check-in with BLE
    Room and book search other rooms
    Extended analytics
  • Meeting & event management
  • Order catering
    Book additional equipment (requires advanced mapping, not included in ROSE)
    Set room layout
    Automatic "buffer time" for set-up/take-down
    Huddle spaces
  • Room finding
  • Office maps
    Room finders and filters
    Wayfinding (requires advanced mapping, not included in ROSE)
  • Extensions and interoperability
  • Outlook add-in
    Smartphone app
    Overview screen
    Open API
    Sensor integrations
    Video conferencing automation
    Skype for Business integration


Personal place resources

If your organization utilizes hot desking, then our Pepper package is the solution for you. Using your cellphone and the Evoko Naso, you can quickly locate and book workstations and desks. This is great news as finding a free desk can be a major time stealer for open-plan offices. You can also use it to physically find other people in the building. For facility managers the data collected can also provide insight into how the workspace is actually being used, enabling you to change it for maximum productivity.

Desk & car park booking

  • Desk management
  • Desk booking
    Instant booking
    Agile desks
    Automatic check-in with soft sensors or docking stations
    QR code check-in
    Automatic cancellation for no-shows
    Location preferences
    Notifications and alerts
    Office maps
  • Car park booking
  • Book parking spaces
    Car park analytics
  • People finder
  • Search and find colleagues by their last booking
  • Extensions and interoperability
  • Outlook add-in
    Smartphone app
    Open API
    Sensor integrations


Guest & visitor administration

Wouldn’t it be great if a visitor walked up to the front desk and was instantly recognized, greeted and shown relevant information about their planned meeting? Well this is possible with our Guava package! Managing the flow of people entering and leaving the building has never been easier. The meeting organizer is notified as guests arrive, ensuring that you can prepare and give a warm welcome.

AI-based visitor management

  • Professional welcome
  • Customised branding
    Automated visitor pre-registration
    AI visitor recognition
    Photo capture and badge printing
  • Automated notifications
  • Host information and pre-registration codes
    Email notifications are sent to guests
  • Security and compliance
  • Require signing of digital agreements
    Logs guest information
    Current status of building attendance
  • Extensions and interoperability
  • Meeting management integration
    Badge printers

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