Evoko Pusco

Complete workplace communication

Plug & play

Engages and informs

The process of your organization is a perpetual story. The news you share and the updates you communicate engages and informs the people who need it the most, your staff, and visitors. Evoko Pusco is a complete workplace communication system. This digital message board has been developed to ensure that your latest updates are delivered with efficiency and style.

Gathers and delivers

Evoko Pusco is an intuitive plug and play device that has a web-based system for simple and efficient management. Evoko Pusco gathers and delivers information by requesting it by email from the designated staff members to continually make sure that your content is up to date.

Stylish and functional

The variety of customizable templates delivers your updates in style, so you don’t have to compromise form nor function. The wide variety of templates has been designed for specific purposes, ensuring that there is no need for a content creator to deliver your workplace communication in a way that leaves a strong impression.

Wall and Floor

The Evoko Pusco is availiable in two variations, The Wall and The Floor edition. Evoko Pusco can be personalized by selecting different themes, background images and accent color lighting. Evoko Pusco also comes with a built-in speaker system with optional playback sounds that hightlights and put emphasis on your latest content.

Pusco Floor

Height 1411mm
Depth 550mm
Width 1625mm
Weight 80kg

Pusco Wall

Height 1240mm
Depth 107mm
Width 663mm
Weight 50kg

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