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Easy room booking & scheduling

roomwizard 30

Simple Navigation

Find and reserve space with confidence. RoomWizard® is a room scheduling solution that makes it easier to get where you need to go. RoomWizard is designed to display critical meeting information so that it’s readable from a distance. It assists in wayfinding and makes it easy to schedule meeting spaces from your desk or on demand at the device.

  • Clear Wayfinding
  • LED status lights show availability from a distance.
  • Interactive Timeline
  • Timeline displays room schedule for the day.
  • Simple Interface
  • Large font clearly displays availability and meeting information.
  • Easy Reservations
  • Clear call to actions help users navigate the interface and reserve now or later.

easy mounting and customisation

Easy mounting & customisation

RoomWizard may be mounted onto glass or drywall and may be customised to suit your brand - reflect your culture and define your team spaces all while adding an additional level of wayfinding and personality. Add your logo, select a background color or upload an image.

  • Glass or drywall mounting
  • Infinite colour options
  • Logo customisation
  • Image upload capabilities

enterprise platform

Enterprise platform

Built on the Microsoft Azure® trusted cloud infrastructure, RoomWizard is a secure, all-in-one enterprise scheduling solution that’s easy to use, manage and maintain from a single device manager web application.

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Simple web-based remote management
  • Easy to scale
  • Global customer support
  • Integrates with existing calendars
  • Powered and connected via PoE+

seamlessly integrated

Seamlessly integrated

RoomWizard connects to the Steelcase Smart + Connected workplace which enhances the employee experience with digital wayfinding, smarter space management and collaborative tools.

  • Pair with Workplace Advisor Subscription sensors for Auto Book and Auto Release features.
  • Real-time availability and locations of meeting rooms/workspaces
  • Reserve space from the Steelcase Find app and your reservation is displayed at the room

Device specifications

  • Android operating system, 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM, 16:10 aspect ratio, 1920x1200 screen resolution
  • 7” capacitive touch screen that supports up to 5 simultaneous points of interaction
  • Edge LED status lighting
  • Network connectivity and power via PoE (power over ethernet) - 1x10/100M, DHCP and static IP address support, IEEE 802.3at Type 2 PoE+ compliant
  • ARM Cortex-A17 Quad Core CPU running at 1.4 Ghz
  • 32GB internal flash memory

Cloud-Based Application

Pre-paid subscriptions available

  • Remote Management - The Steelcase IoT Admin Portal built on an Azure hosted cloud-based platform, allows IT administrators to easily deploy, manage and monitor all devices from a single web interface
  • Seamless calendar integration
  • Configurable alerts available
  • Access to updates for new features and security


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