CO2 Alert


The CO2 Alert lets anyone in the room take control over the air they are breathing by alerting when the air is unhealthy. 

Breath Easy

The Airthings CO2 Alert lets you know when Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels get too high, so you can bring fresh air into the room, helping people stay healthy and productive.

Bringing fresh air into a room can be as simple as opening a door or window, but it can also be a sign for facility managers that ventilation systems need to be adjusted.

Where does CO2 come from?

CO2 levels are driven by a combination of room occupancy, ventilation rate and outdoor CO2. As our buildings are becoming more energy-efficient and airtight, we get less fresh air inside.

Many of the ventilation systems we use today recycle air to conserve energy, essentially moving contaminated air around rather than bringing in fresh air. This results in high CO2 concentrations and poor indoor air quality.

How do you know if you're breathing healthy air? ...

Why monitor CO2?

Help indicate the risk of airborne viruses spreading between people.

Indicate how much of someone else’s breath you are breathing in.

Lower levels to reduce headaches, drowsiness and improve cognitive abilities. 

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