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Open, modular, and hardware-agnostic technology

Kontakt.io dramatically speeds up the go-to-market time frame and reduces location and sensor-driven solution development costs.

Kontakt.io’s BLE Infrastructure is open and modular and consists of three layers:

  • Core API and Cloud Middleware for infrastructure management and data integration.
  • Connectivity layer, supporting proprietary BLE gateways, SDKs and agents running on third-party wi-fi access points.
  • Device layer, offering a rich portfolio of proprietary BLE beacons, tags and firmware development kits for third-party devices.

Together, the layers create a robust foundation for a variety of applications, including location-based content, indoor positioning and wayfinding, asset tracking (RTLS), safety and security, and condition monitoring.


A BLE tag is a special type of a beacon that is designed to be on the move and usually has built-in sensors. When its signal is picked up by a receiving device - such as a BLE gateway or a smartphone - it provides information about its location, performance, and environmental conditions. Attached to objects or carried by people, tags enable a whole range of people safety, asset tracking, and condition monitoring use cases for supply chain, healthcare, and public spaces.


A beacon is a small Bluetooth radio transmitter. It’s like a lighthouse; it repeatedly transmits a single signal that other devices can see. Depending on how close both devices are, a smartphone can perform different actions when communicating with a beacon. It can update an indoor map with your location, open a lock, or even change the music in your house as you walk from room to room. Companies and brands around the world love beacons because they open up completely new ways to reach and engage with customers. We love that too. We also love how Bluetooth is shaking up the asset tracking industry, bringing more capabilities for less cost.

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